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WHAT is Rooted Sessions and WHY you should attend?

Hi, to our new supporters, followers, and friends. If you haven't had the pleasure to know our history, this article, should help shed some light on I Am Root Events!

My name is Dom Root, I am one of the owners of I Am Root LLC., I am an Entrepreneur, Creative Artist, and Producer from Los Angeles, California.

I Am Root LLC and the collective have been curating events in Arizona, since 2013. We've explored various formats from Open-Mics, Showcase, Art Expos, Film Releases, Parties, Concerts, Fashion Shows, Work-Shops, Lectures, and more.

We've had a chance to really fine tune our experience to allow the artist to shine while the guests have a good time. We've reached a point where we are ready to kick off a more consistent recurring showcase that features only 7 performing acts, vendors, a great host, and DJ. I've also heard rumblings that the ROOTED SESSIONS BAND is a thing, so the space will be full of energy going forward.


Rooted Sessions is a series of live sets curated by I Am Root LLC. Featured artists will each perform their own live sets. A - Section - Soul-filled with poetry, singer/songwriters, and rnb vibes. B - Section - Energy-filled with hip-hop, rap, funk, and more. The performing artists are given 15-20 minutes to The resident MC is Fransisco Phoenics, of the Rolling with the Rolling Stoner Podcast. On the 1's and 2's Almighty Domo is usually on deck to provide the soundtrack. Tickets are usually $12 online, in-person, and at the door. The money grossed for the night, helps us cover venue expenses, artist pay, staff pay, and future investments. Starting August 11th 2019, our events at the Rebel Lounge will be 21 and Up! This will help relax the setting, remove the barricades and open up the dance floor. Inquiries: Dom Root | For future performance consideration visit

Why you should attend ROOTED SESSIONS?

The art community in Phoenix has been robust for the last 5 years! Our events have definitely contributed to the growth. We've worked in over 25 spaces and with over 300 different artists/creatives. Rooted Sessions is the next step in our contribution to growing this community.

I Am Root Events are about creating overall better art experiences for the performers and for the guests. Many platforms here force artists to pay to play, if not, then the sad alternate is to sell tickets or fork-up the worth of the tickets (aka Pay to Play 2.0). We've built out platform on an alternate model, especially because we work with Poets, Lyricists, Vocalists, and Musicians from all walks and skill levels. In order to grow this community, we need to build more bridges to opportunity and stages for expression. Rooted Sessions, is exactly that, a space where an artist can be valued as an artist. This isn't some night club, with 100's of intoxicated people waiting to here a Top 40 playlist. This is art, appreciated. Our events are artists focused and guests attending come expecting live music from local, emerging, and underground creative artists. There is also a place for shopping, as each event features a Visual Artists and a Small Business Vendor, as our way of keep the community connected!

We've been producing shows at The Rebel Lounge, since late 2016, with events like House of Vibes, Artistically Yours, Soul Good, To The Max, LUV and more. With your help and support, we can continue our run with a more focused and quality based product, "Rooted Sessions." #RootForEachOther

I hope that helps, we've received a number of inquiries about what we do and what Rooted Sessions is all about. I hop to see you all on August 11th for the next Rooted Sessions showcase. If your a promoter, artist, or someone looking to get involved, reach out and let's keep it growing.

Dom Root 2019

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