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It was raining.

I slammed on my breaks.

My reaction time was always slow.

But it was raining.

I knew what was about to happen.

That movie scene type shit.

A slow motioned "fuckkkkkk".

She got out before me.

She was elderly and seemed sad.

No annoyed.

I told her let's get to a calmer street.

A one minute drive down the road.

An eternity passed.

11:34 to 11:35 am.

My truck licked some paint off her car.

She asked for my license.

I mumbled another "fuck" as I grabbed it.

Rain drops felt like scratches.

My throat felt big.

I tried being polite.

She wouldn't like me.

Why would she I just hit her fucking camry.

She said we'd be in touch.

I said I was sorry again.

I got back into my car.

I turned my wheel.

Something sounded off.

Anxiety filled my car instead of music.

Came home and cried.

My car got towed to the shop.

My car was always in the fucking shop.

My second accident.

My first time hitting a car.

It was raining.

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