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lost my hope for a minute

she was hiding under my bed

maybe she heard some thunder

we both hated storms

but she came back

she crawled under my sheets

lying next to me she

said sorry for leaving

i said i missed her

and i really could have used her around

she held my hand

grazing my fingers softly

she promised it won't happen again

i sighed not really knowing the truth

but i took a deep breath and told her

i believe her


I view myself as an optimist, someone hopeful for the future. Though that is my "norm", I do have days where I'm down, concerned for my future, unsure if the decisions I'm making currently are the right ones. I wrote this poem to try and remind myself that everyone has those days of uncertainty, fear, doubt. But one must remain hopeful. I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. So to those who are having a rough time, have hope. Things get better. Things work out.

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