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Have you Watched the Dreamville Documentary? 🔥🔥🔥

A glimpse of their 10 Day experience collaborating to create Revenge of the Dreamers 3

--- Video Description ---

Dreamville Presents: Revenge (Documentary)

This is the official documentary chronicling the Revenge of the Dreamers III sessions in January 2019 at Tree Sound Studios in Atlanta, Georgia.

Directed by David Peters

Written by Matt Carter & Scott Lazer

Produced by Scott Lazer

Executive Producers: Jermaine Cole, Ibrahim Hamad, Adam Roy Rodney

Directors of Photography: David Peters, Matt Patroni, Chase Fade, Anthony Supreme

Edited by Matt Carter

Assistant Editor Amani Hill

Associate Producers Matthew “Matty P” Robinson, Mwango “MK” Kasote

Sound Design & Mix: Sam Costello

Colorist: David Torcivia

Graphics & Art Direction: Felton Brown

Animation by David Peters

Special thanks to:

Matt McNeal

Jermaine Maxwell

Derick Okolie

Mali Hunter, Groove Chambers, & Tree Sound Studios

Elijah Shaw & Icon Global Inc

Sarah Roebuck

Penny Ensley

Final Cut Edit

Significant Others

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