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I Don't Want to Feel Bad About Liking the Color Purple

I identify with the color I was given at brith



i loved it so much I dyed my hair the color

my sister's friend used to call me Mary Purple

and that made me mad

I'm not purple, I'm violet

what if my middle name was a different color

or a different flower

violets make me smile

for they are me and I am them

we grow under sunlight,

though the moonlight is just as beautiful,

why don't I think a rose is just as beautiful?

red is why purple exists

but I see the cliches that roses can bring

and why does something so beautiful

have thorns so sharp?

I don't want a lesson about love or pain

I just want to smell some goddamn flowers

but those flowers when put in a vase for my enjoyment

are really dying before my eyes

so am I selfish?

am I greedy?

I don't want to feel bad about liking the color purple

but I'll probably find a way

but that's okay

i identify with the color violet

For I am Mary Violet

you see my identity through my purple streaks of hair

and the way I don't really care

about what you think of me

no disrespect, I appreciate your opinion

but what makes me happy

will not always make you happy

so I'll show you who I am through my hair,

my fashion, my laughter

My name isn't Mary it's Mary Violet

My identity is in the color.


I gained the inspiration for this poem by eavesdropping about a conversation about colors. The title of this poem paraphrases part of the conversation, but the poem itself is my take on the line. I tried making this poem one stream of consciousness, a style new to me.

On a side note, shout out to everyone in my life who refers to me as Mary Violet. I've had people in the past tell me that my name is too long, and I've had people, after saying I prefer Mary Violet, still only use my first name. I've even had people tell me I should just go by Mary. At the end of the day, saying the name I introduce myself as is just showing me respect, plain and simple. This goes for any name, in addition to any gender pronoun that someone identifies as. Respect your peers, your coworkers, your community, and communities that surround you. Happy pride month!

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