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First Summer Back

back in the town I grew up in

everything feels different

movements feel exaggerated

hang outs aren't like they used to be

we learned a lot being away

now things just aren't the same

perspectives changed

our amount of friends have expanded

priorities shifted

landscapes morphed from memories

i feel numb not nostalgic

but i don't want to leave

mixed emotions cloud my mind

always thinking about time

how quickly it slips from your fingertips

i don't know what i want to feel

being back in my hometown

all i know is that

everything feels different


This past year, being a freshmen at college, was the longest I have been away from home. Coming back, I was nervous. Nervous about seeing my friends who I grew up with, nervous about my housing situation, nervous about starting an internship (my first 9-5 type job ever). This poem reflects my feelings, which can be misconstrued as disappointment. But I'm not disappointed. It seems like everyday, I feel a new emotion about being home. Here's todays feelings about it.

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