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Next Level - Brief thoughts on Growing a Brand Part. 1

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

The passion that we feel at the origin of a new idea gets dimmed during the process of growth. Why? Probably because of all the work it takes to bring that idea to life. But the same passion that is required to start a task, is required to complete the task. So in these instances, focusing and refocusing is key. A lot of my personal growth has been a testament of my ability to limit distractions. As an entrepreneur, we tend to wear many hats and those tasks muddy the larger picture for your personal career development. For example, let's say that an aspiring Singer, starts up a side hustle, writing songs for other writers and business picks up. This may end up causing some issues for the Singer, because she is selling so many songs, that she has little time to work on her own music. For some artists, it may hinder the creative process when working on their own music, because they've spent so much time creating works for others that it becomes difficult to carve out a vibe for themselves. Many of the songwriters out there, don't have big hits of their own, but some do. Artist like The Dream, PNB Rock, Ty$, and others show and prove it could be done.

So, as a person wearing multiple hats, how do you keep the passion and focus, while taking your endeavor to the next level?

There is no set answer to the question or a confirmed best practice. Most of us are working a regular job and treating our passions as a side hustle. But the very successful ones, can manage their time and find ways to effectively delegate or prioritize tasks.

For starters, I'd say to obtain and sustain taking your endeavor to the next level, it will start with a team. So at this point in the journey, if you have not added team members, this will be necessary. When are just starting out funds are low, so you can't pay for the help you need, so you end up doing things yourself. I feel that it is important to find out what your value is to others in the industry and use it as leverage to get pro-bono work, trade work, or PTP agreements. The goal for you should be to find ways to execute small goals. Ultimately though, this new shift will have to come from a strong foundation. So if you are a singer, find out what you'll need to land more gigs, features, shows, deals, etc. and figure out what type of person you'll need to help you get there. Is it a manager, agent, PR person? Then look at your network and find out if you have anyone in those fields or who can loop you in to where to find those kinds of people. You'll realize that everyone isn't on your wave length, but if you communicate your expectations, needs, and goals, you should be able to have forward conversations that lead to measurable progress for your brand.

For Part One, the message is don't try to go at it alone, find good help and learn to work well in a group setting. The I Am Root Company promotes collaboration, group support, and team building.

Don't be afraid to ask for help and don't be afraid to join forces!

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