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Kristi Sprowl Placed 1st in our Spring 2019 Poetry Contest

As you know each season we host a Poetry Contest, to encourage writers of all walks to exercise their pens for a chance to win some pretty cool prizes. This Spring 2019 we challenged writers to dive into what they believed "The World Needs Most Right Now," we got submissions in from a few people here in Arizona and the Los Angeles Area. The competition was pretty tough, but we are proud to announce the winners!

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Artist Bio:

Hello beautiful people! My name is Kristi Sprowl, and I’m a CSUDH and UA Master's Graduate from Los Angeles California. I love music, traveling, family, and friends. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, hiking, and catching up on some of my favorite shows.

Prompt: During these trying times, what does the world need most right now?


We need a step in the right direction,

This world is due for a blessing.

Like the calm of the spring sky,

The world needs some ‘me’ time…

Through the acts of bettered self-care

And self-love behavior patterns,

We can see a world filled

With individuals who value

Their role in the community.

I’m at my personal best, whenever I feel good inside,

Even in the pitch of the night, I find

The parts of life that bring me peace:

Love, Respect, and Empathy!

I withstand from giving out

a piece of my mind, because

I remember times,

when I was down on my luck,

Pantry empty, months since I’ve made enough.

So I’ve learned to project the life I want to lead

Instead of the horrors battled currently.

Whenever I see a mountain of things piling up

or I cross paths with someone down on their luck,

my goal is to show love, to give respect.

We live in a world where life moves faster than you expect,

And sometimes the less fortunate, get left out

Or left behind the rest.

Trial and Error builds character,

As the lessons learned from losses,

Lead you to better decisions.

But no one, should have to go at this alone.

Some too afraid to ask for help others too selfish to offer,

And growing up, most of us were taught

To work hard, compete, and to never give up.

But in order to win, someone has to lose

And no one keeps track of the dreams killed in the process.

We need a world that is more empathetic,

More connected than conflicted.

A world with more understanding, as tradition,

Because we all have stories and pasts,

But to situate a better future for everyone,

It’ll take more than a do-for-self mentality.

It will take humans who recognize their value

And the value of others, all working for humanity

In a way that’s new and inclusive,

So that we build bridges where the youth live.

Let the change start where you live!

Scored 45 out of 60 Possible Points

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