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Ishanah Steele Placed 2nd in our Spring 2019 Poetry Contest.

As you know each season we host a Poetry Contest, to encourage writers of all walks to exercise their pens for a chance to win some pretty cool prizes. This Spring 2019 we challenged writers to dive into what they believed "The World Needs Most Right Now," we got submissions in from a few people here in Arizona and the Los Angeles Area. The competition was pretty tough, but we are proud to announce the winners!

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Artist Bio:

Hi! My name is Ishanah Steele, and I’m a sophomore at Arizona State University majoring in communication! I enjoy writing, painting and music and look forward to growing and improving in all aspects when it comes to what I create, and my future endeavors.

Prompt: During these trying times, what does the world need most right now?


What the World Needs by Ishanah Steele

In these trying times people need to start trying to see eye to eye instead of going head to head so often but wonder why nothing gets resolved

No one knows how to listen

The world needs for people to stop thinking that they know what the world needs

Because people who think that they know it all don’t really know shit

More than anything else we need to slow down and listen

Too many people are too busy trying to prove to other people that they know the answers but aren’t posing new answers to questions centuries old but never answered

Shut up and listen

Some of the best lessons are learned in silence

If you try hard enough you can hear it

You may think you know the answer,

But someone else’s truth leads them to a different answer

And instead of compromise you choose fight

Too stubborn to budge

Too ignorant to see that part of the problem is you

What we need to do is get humble and listen

I won’t pretend that I know how to solve the world’s problems

Because if it were that simple

They would’ve been solved by Martin

Or all the other martyrs remembered and forgotten

We’ve been here before

The most recycled thing on earth is conflict

Same track as four score

But we think we know how to solve it

Problem is

we don’t know how to listen

all we know to do is fight and defend

But you can’t find peace through conflict

You can’t kill people to love you

And expect some open arms

You’ll get your arms they’ll just be the ones they’re armed with

You can’t drive away the problems

Global warming’s speeding up

You try to win this race by running

And we won’t find the key to solve it

Scored 41 out of 60 Possible Points

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