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Memories (Part One)

I remember being two

my parents were paving the driveway

planting brick after brick

onto the compressed dirt

upon the home they just built

thanks to loans and unwavering hope

I remember stumbling around

getting in the way of the red stone

the sun beat down harshly

my father wasn't sun kissed, just burnt

I remember this day so vividly

but this day occurred two years before

I was born.


As I sat in class one day, I was doing what I do best: being nosy. Two classmates were talking about how sometimes they vividly remember something, but later find out it never occurred. Whether it be a dream or they just place themselves in a memory that they were not there to experience firsthand, they swear they remember it. That got me thinking, I have memories like that, if they can even be called memories. In this series, I will explore detailed memories that I think about sometimes. This specific "memory" did actually occur after I was born, but I was very young, around 3. Children forgot early memories around the age of 7, so me saying I remember my driveway being paved isn't completely accurate. This is why I chose this (real, fake, or whatever adjective you want to use) memory to kickoff the series. Let's reminisce together.

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