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a voice

A voice, one voice

connects the thoughts of one

to the public at large.

The voice, their voice

is an insignia of the shared

beliefs of a community.


A part, both within and independent of

the whole, a unique transmission of experience.

Centuries of trial and sometimes error,

in executing the primitive human luxuries

that we enjoy, but mostly misappropriate today.

In song or in fright,

our voices cling to the sky

In protest or admiration

our voices share our side.

Stories go untold, voices held silent,

some held in contempt, now raspy

from years of smoke, some die out,

others project hope.

The battle between the voice in our heads

and the voice people know, is a war best fought

with patience.

Inside I scream to the top of my lungs,

but in the midst of company I hold my tongue.

That is, for me and the side of peace

that fulfills me.

Not everything we think,

should be said, but what we say,

should align with how we think.

A part, both within and independent of,

for man and humanity,

a unique form and ability to share

knowledge, practice alchemy, and to coexist, efficiently.

The things you'll see,

when you truly let your voice speak.





  1. the sound produced in a person's larynx and uttered through the mouth, as speech or song.

  1. a particular opinion or attitude expressed.


  1. express (something) in words.

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