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Spirited Kulture | RM Spotlight Feature

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Hey blog family, we are excited to bring you this feature, as we've been building with an awesome entrepreneur out of New York! Spirit, is dope and you'll get to read about all about it in this feature. She has placed 1st several times in our Rooted Minds Blog Quarterly Poetry Contests (placed 2nd and 3rd as well). Also, Dom Root Music, provides grooves and instrumentals for the SpiritedxKulture channel. So it is safe to say that Spirit rocks with the brand and supports the I Am Root Movement, so we are returning the love by introducing our Phoenix and Los Angeles audience to Spirit!

You'll be able to check out some of her photos and youtube videos, so be sure to stay connected as we have more building left to do with Spirit!

Artist Bio: Spirited Kulture

Hailing from Atlanta and currently residing in NYC Spirit is a woman on a mission to heal herself and help others around her. Passionate about spirituality and self-love, Spirit can often be found speaking to many different kinds of people about their dreams, goals and their lives. She loves people and knows that life can be an arduous journey. Spirit recognized herself and changed her life for the better several years ago and is committed to sharing the lessons that helped her grow into the confident shining woman that she is today. Spirit has worked with celebrity stylists and finds ways to integrate self-love and clothing choice.

One of her mottos is that, "when you look your best, you feel your best and thus you treat people better." Why not look good and feel good?! Spirit is not afraid to go to her dark places to find the light and she thinks with her heart. Love is her life. Check her out on instagram @spiritedxkulture and online you can see some of her writings under

Spirited Kulture

Interview Questions:

So introduce our readers to your brand and it's diverse avenues, like what is Spirited Kulture and what all does it embody?

- Hi All! My name is Spirit and I am all about high energy, transparency and loving yourself enough to believe in your dreams and passions. My brand SpiritedxKulture consists of content that encourages you to care for yourself mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I try to keep people laughing while helping them to digest the highs and lows of being human.

What is your business outlook and mission for SpiritedxKulture?

- The mission for SpiritedxKulture is to help people remember how much power they have to change their lives for the better. By sharing my life journey and perspective I hope to engender HOPE and LOVE. None of us are perfect, but we have the capacity to change ourselves and tailor the course of our lives towards one that is fulfilling. If I help someone remember their power to evolve, mission complete.

What things do you try to implement so that your Channel is different from others that may report on similar topics?

- My channel is different because I’m fun and don’t care about being perfect. I care about being real. I show that you don’t need fancy equipment to put yourself out there, you are enough as you are.

Fill us in on your loc journey a) How long has it been? b) How has it been? c) What was the most stressful part about the journey?

- Ah my locs! <3! It has been 2 years and I absolutely love them. The most difficult time was the beginning, I was having a hard time finding confidence in my new look.

What is some advice that you'd give to someone wanted to start their locs? and What would you say to some folks that have started but are in the early stages?

- If someone wants locs, I would tell them to make sure they have healthy hair and know how to spot and combat dryness. In the early stages of locs I would tell someone to let their hair be and to always infuse love in the mirror. Your locs will reflect the energy you give them.

How often do you post onto your youtube channel, do you have a schedule?

- I try to post once a week but am more like 2 videos every 2 weeks. I do so much outside of youtube I feel super accomplished every time I put a video out.

Can women without locs learn something from your channel? How so?

- Definitely! All of my videos are infused with the elements of self-care. Many women without locs tell me they love all the videos, including the loc ones!

What other things are you working towards right now that you can shed some light on?

- So, I quit my job recently and now am fully going for my dream of music and being an entrepreneur. SO right now, I am working on creating while keeping the bills paid on my own accord. Learning to manage my life as the CEO. I’m a tough boss.

How does your poetry connect to all that you do?

- Honestly, poetry is something that overflows. It’s like I get filled with an energy and had better start recording what comes out or I will lose it. It connects to what I do because all of my actions flow from an internal force that I do not deny.

Looking at your video”4 Styles 4 Short Locs” viewers can easily see the confidence and self love you promote. Have you always been confident in your look? If not, what changed your perspective?

- Thank you! I was not always confident in my looks at all. Honestly, becoming someone who I like and admire via my values and the way I treat others made me feel confident in my looks. I said I’m dope and a good person and I love me. Then I didn’t care about my looks, I was so much more.

Your first youtube video has 1.3K and one of your most popular videos ( 4 Styles 4 Short Loss) has 47K. How does it feel knowing that one of your videos has reached that many people? How does it feel literally seeing such a drastic difference in views?

- It’s all super cool to me. I didn’t even think people would watch so I will always be impressed whether there are 100 views or 100,000 views. The difference really just tells me to keep putting out loc videos because people like them.

Your “Digital Diaries” series seems to stray away from your style/ hair videos and talk about more hard hitting issues, such as “Living With Disappointment”. Do you wish to take your youtube channel in that direction in the future? What type of discussion points are your favorite to talk about (i.e. hair, more personal issues, etc.)

- I definitely want to broaden the scope of my videos. In the first video I introduce all that I am interested in, so I am trying to think of creative ways to expand. Mannn hard question! I love speaking about the hard life stuff, but I also like coming up with cute loc styles. They feed different parts of my personality.

What is the most common question you get asked about your locs? How do you respond?

- I always get asked about the beads on my hair. I responded by selling them. Go to my site and get them for yourself!

Where do you get the inspiration for your meditation moments?

- The meditation moments are created on the spot. They are inspired by whatever I am feeling or going through. I literally will be like whoa I didn’t expect that but I needed it.

How did you start your locs? Professional/yourself/a friend? Braids, two strand twist, comb coil? How did you decide which option to go with for your starter locs?

- My locs were started professionally by my cousin at her salon. I chose to comb coil because I did not want any braid or twist pattern on my locs.

Do you believe in the “ugly” phase of locs? If so, how did you cope? If not, why?

- The ugly phase is whatever you define as ugly, I guess. I never felt ugly, but I definitely was not confident during all the frizz and budding phases. I decided to dress better and get cool earrings

What is your ideal beauty?

- The forest, the ocean, mountains, starry skies, and flowers. I can get lost in the beauty of nature.

What advice do you have for those looking for their authentic selves?

- If you want to find your authentic self, go with your impulses. When you want to say or do something and find yourself altering it, I challenge you to say it or do it how you want to.

What does the phrase ‘I Am Root’ mean to you?

- I Am Root, helps me to remember my foundation and to stay grounded as I grow.

What are some traditions that need to be restored in our communities?

- The tradition of vulnerability and sharing. I want to see us connect over imperfections and to share our hearts.

Interview Conducted by The Rooted Minds Blog Team: Mary Violet, Dom Root, and Zera Mingo

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I am from Inglewood, California, currently working in Phoenix, Arizona as a Sound Engineer (Live, Recording, and Mixing). I am a Music Producer and Creative Artist looking to build portfolio and for live performance opportunities. I graduated from Arizona State University studying Creative Writing and Philosophy. I later studied audio production technologies at Mesa Community College, before taking on more freelance work.



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Link to 4 Styles 4 Short Locs | @SpiritedxKulture (47.5k views):

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