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Violet the Riveter

Women have minds

as vast and as full as the Amazon.

Women are creative,

for She created you.

She is the reason you are on this earth,

thinking and feeling and


Women slaughter the injustices

that try to defeat Her,

all while clutching onto the life She bore.

How can you spit in our mothers' faces

with inequality?

She raised you

She nurtured you;

yet you catcall Her with slurs of corruption.

She doesn't halt in the presence of you,

She struts,

for strength has been a dominant trait

passed down for centuries,

while you have

inherited cowardice.


This months theme for Rooted Minds is resilience, and I couldn't think of a more powerful and inspiring group of people than Women. Rosie the Riveter really inspired this poem, so I decided to let Her influence my title too. The photo in this poem is a collage I made a couple of months ago to honor Women. I have always been a feminist, which means that I desire equality for all sexes. My intention for this piece was to personify the government as "you"; we live in a very difficult political climate right now, but our voices cannot be silenced, we must remain as resilient as ever. That is why I chose to capitalize every form of Her, for She is unstoppable. I hope this poem gives all Women a sense of pride.

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