First Friday Vibes

Photo taken by @lilnoodleheadsphotos

Phoenix First Friday, if you have yet to attend this amazing experience then you must be living under one of the billions of rocks scattered into landscapes across the desert valley of the sun. Hundreds come out and spill over the streets of the downtown area to look, shop, hear, eat, and experience the Phoenix art scene.

From early evening until curfew time, you can find people of all ages cluttering the sidewalks and streets like schools of fish. Waves of a cultured people stretching for miles across, and the best part, it happens all year long on the first of the month.

I’ve enjoyed this celebration of creative expression for 8 of the 9 years that I have been living in Arizona and I still haven't seen it all. There is so much to take in, and things change every month, it’s almost impossible to see it all. Homes transformed into local shops and businesses. Street vendors & musicians, food trucks, activists, you name it. It’s all here under the Phoenix stars, and speaking of stars, the city is a melting pot overflowing with them. Up and coming underground artists that show pride for their work and most of all, their city.

One of the ways I get to experience the Phoenix art scene is by submerging myself into it. This means late nights, late shows, loud music and drinks with friends. All this can be beautiful but being around so many different people who carry so many different energies can take a toll on anyone. With this being so, there are many nights I find peace in solitude among the many. Exactly like a deep form of meditation, I take deep breaths to call my nerves, that have become overpowered with much love and joy.

A Haiku


Silencing my mind

Then what happens? I breath in,

As my eyelids fall

Photo taken by @lilnoodleheadsphotos

Here are my top 10 suggestions for landing places during First Friday's in Phoenix. These are listed in no special order, you'll enjoy them all [🚫🧢].

Buds Glass Joint @budsglassjointaz


Rise Craft Coffee + Eatery @risecraftcoffeephx

The Lost Leaf @thelostleaf


The Food Truck Lot

The Color 8 Band on 2nd st / Roosevelt - @TheColor8Band


Thirdspace @thirdspacephx


Photo taken by @lilnoodleheadsphotos

Grand Avenue Pizza Company @grandavepizza


The Nash @thenashjazz


Phoenix Art Museum @phxart


Public image ‘Friday night live’ @Fridaynightliveaz


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