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Edge Happy Hour - W/ Artists' for Change

Black History month is still here. As institutions are celebrating our Blackness (we should always be celebrated), our cultures, our communities, and our history we will be coming together to share our "Black Resilience" During Edge Happy Hour at Tempe Center for the Arts on the outside patio, Artists' for Change will be coming together to open for The Black Theater Troupe show, "Detroit 66".

Six Poets will compare the 21st century Black experience to the Civil Rights Movement. Poets will express their reality and discuss how the years have changed but history is repeating itself. Don't miss out on a night of poetry, storytelling, and the greatest Motown hits. We have all your favorite poets and Artists, Hillary Franklin, Sean Avery, MJ, Shelley Jackson, AriiJay, Theresea Lovely, Niamey Thomas hosting and Mic Maven on the turn tables.

**There will be discounted tickets to "Detroit 67" if you come to Edge Happy Hour.**

The show is from 5:30 - 7:30 pm at Tempe Center for the Arts outside patio on February 23, 2019. See you there!

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