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Leewater | RM Spotlight Feature as he releases 'FLAWS' a short-film by Dave Stanek and Travis White

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Official Video for FLAWS by LeeWater


Artist Bio: LeeWater, is from Denver, Colorado he is a singer, song writer, and recording artist. He is easily one of the Valley's Favorite People! We'd say he is most known in the Valley for his work with the Color 8 Band, the Light Shine Events, and EPs that were released to accompany the music and message. He recently received the House of Vibes 'Hustler of the Year' award for his noticeable moves both to advance his own career and the careers of others around him. He's has performed at over 10 I Am Root Events and has a strong rapport with the Collective. LeeWater has a creative outlook on his writing and and his soulful voice brings the right flare of emotion to any song. His new song FLAWS was produced by JProtege, who has been building a wave with Lee Water for some time now.


Here is our feature on a bright emerging star... 'Leewater'

Interview Questions:

Define your name: Leewater

- Lee is my middle name!

Water is a nickname I was given from back in the day....Then I had the bright idea to put them together as one. Over the years I would grow to find a lot of similarities between myself and Water (the element). So I guess I grew into the name.

Summarize the vibe of your music catalog and how it connects to the message you are pushing in your music?

- Soulful.


& free I just like to create something in reflection to what I’m living or as an outlet to something I’m dealing with. But in a song I can paint a picture, set an emotion, etc...

Your hit single 'Feelings' is doing extremely well online and in the scene when you perform it live. How have you dealt with the reception of the record and how can you build on it?

- The only thing I can say is when I wrote “feelings” I had a different feeling about it compared to other songs I’ve wrote. I felt like it would connect with people and it’s dope to have that realization; and then to go out and perform and actually see it connect with the people!

Explain to us the concept of Light Shine both the EP's and the Event series?

- Light Shine conceptually is very simple, it’s to shine the light that I believe we all have inside of us. We don’t all have to have the same exact gifts or light but I’m of the belief that we all have one. So that’s Light Shine the concept , in reference to the EP each song is a snap shot of influential moments that mean something to me. Lastly Light Shine the event series is collection of some of the valleys gems in my eyes, artist of all different styles and mediums who I personally feel drawn to. And the idea is to bring the artist and their energy together for an amazing night!!!

Where do you pull inspiration from to create songs like '95 Pontiac, Gypsy Lover, and Fine by Me?

- I pull inspiration from life like everyone else. But I also pull from different perspectives. I’ve lived in the neighborhood and the suburbs it forces you to be and act as a different person. I’ve been a loner and a popular kid. I’ve been flat broke and had some insane amounts of money at a given time. I just relate to the moment and the perspective of the moment! And those are just locations and social status’s; that aside I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some interesting, beautiful, amazing people over the years!!!

Where do you see yourself musically in 5 years?

- Collecting publishing for songs I wrote!!!

And of course striving and striding.

Each album cover you for your singles are very artistic, as well as your music video for “Blessings”, something you don’t always see for musicians. What inspires them? Do you see yourself as a creative in many fields (i.e. poetry, music, painting, etc.) or does one form of art resonate the most with you?

- I love to express really! It comes in streams and I like to let it live. If I cook, paint, sing, rap or design I just love to create and express through whatever medium as long as it’s from a honest place. And with every visual I want it to tell it’s own story ie a video, a picture, a plate of food....all of it could tell a story if presented right.

How long is your writing process when it comes to song writing? Where do you get your inspiration?

- Each song is unique but the level of dedication is the same. To me it doesn’t feel like I’m feels like I’m listening. I’m listening for the words to come to me. And when they do I just tap in and take notes!!

Who’s a favorite artist of yours that you get inspired by? This could be musically or even a writer.

- I’m a fan of story telling and song structure...with that said I love Andre 3000, Bryson Tiller, PartyNEXTDoor, Jonathan McReynolds, & Future in terms of his R&B production. Old school and new, I’m a fan of the craft!

What do you like to do in your free time? Is it music related?

- I’m a family man lol....I just like to chill, watch YouTube, listen to podcast, enjoy nature!

What is your favorite book and song and why?

- ...picture books

The Bible

The Art of War

The Alchemist

Alkaline Herbal Medicine

Favorite song....that changes by the second but right now anything by Summer Walker and anything by Chari’Joy. 🤩

What does the phrase ‘I Am Root’ mean to you?

- To me the phrase means: I am centered, I am connected and I know my heritage...

What are some traditions that need to be restored in our communities?

- The tradition of gathering around to tell stories, or gathering around to not only eat food but prepare food together and eat together. That alone is a significant part of developing that oneness and us caring for one another!!

Interview Conducted by The Rooted Minds Blog Team: Mary Violet and Dom Root

Official Video for Blessing by Leewater

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More about Dom Root

Stone on Sax and Dom Root shot by Dave Stanek

I am from Inglewood, California, currently working in Phoenix, Arizona as a Sound Engineer (Live, Recording, and Mixing). I am a Music Producer and Creative Artist looking to build portfolio and for live performance opportunities. I graduated from Arizona State University studying Creative Writing and Philosophy. I later studied audio production technologies at Mesa Community College, before taking on more freelance work.



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