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Darius Mylik | RM Spotlight Feature as he releases 'Killmonger' ft Water.Like.Soul

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Official Music Video for Killmonger by Darius Mylik and Water.Like.Soul


Artist Bio: Darius Mylik

This soulful and dynamic singer, songwriter and lyricist hails from Minneapolis, MN. He now resides in Phoenix, AZ where he intends to create on the impressionable culture. Some describe him as a jazzy hybrid of Prince & Anderson Paak. His motto is ""Elevate his name, you know why we came."" His debut mixtapes ""Intermission"" and ""2/2"" are out now. Darius has performed a plenty of I Am Root Events since 2016 and we've been blessed to literally watching him grow. From recording IG videos with Water.Like.Soul. to hosting their own EP release party at GPME studios, we've got his black and as this song says #RootingForEverybodyBlack matches our #RootForEachOther energy.

We are honored to be able to host this video and interview on our site, let's dive into the very versatile profile of Darius Mylik.

Darius Mylik (left) and Water Like Soul (Right)

Spotlight Interview with the Rooted Minds Blog:

To help bring our readers into your world, describe the energy and vibe you plan to give off with the music you create?

- The energy I give off is all authentically from my heart. The vibe I endeavor to represent is God in all of his different aspects through my music. I want to exemplify his ways and make it a norm in mainstream. I always thought if I know the creator of creativity why is he sometimes represented in such a disinteresting way? I always disliked that. I want to open the peoples eyes to the “Gospel” and God through a totally different application they haven’t seen.

For your song Killmonger, we can see the inspiration from the name and cover art alone, but what made you want to create this song?

- Killmonger….that is one of my favorite songs because it was written in an angry state lol. I was having a conversation with a colleague and I was stating how I couldn’t wait to go to Chicago because of all of the black culture and the way we are represented there, especially the young millennials. She seemed to take issue with the fact that I always expressed how much I loved to see our progression and position in different prominent places, so she told me about it. I politely told her and those around me that being proud and wanting to be around my people isn’t an issue. All races and people do it lol. So when I went home that night I was working on another song which I believe did not make the tape and that beat went off and the beat which eventually became Killmonger came on. I instantly felt that joint, off the bat, the chorus came so easy and so did the verse. I swear I felt the anointing writing it, and I went to record it that same night.

Who produced the song (beat)?

- The beat was produced by StunnahSezbeatz.

What was the writing process like for you?

- The writing process was when I rhyme I go blind and let the lord do his thang. RIP Tupac.

Introduce our readers to/ explain your relationship with Water.Like.Soul?

- Water.Like.Soul, that’s my brother. He has been since we were in college together and the relationship has only grown stronger from there.

How was the process shooting the video and who was on the production team?

- The process shooting the video was amazing. Just to see the support from the people that came out to play various roles was crazy. For it to only be my second video that I have done the support was wild. The director and colorist is ThaFilmSurgeon and his team. He shot the video for “Feeling Missing” as well. We are starting to build up a dope rapport.

Your latest song release, “Killmonger", and your latest music video for "Feeling Missing” have two completely different vibes. Do you see yourself as an artist who can deviate from style to style, or do you prefer a certain music style?

- I see myself as a versatile artist which can do any style that I endeavor attack. I don’t run out of material, melodies or lyrics. God sings over me constantly and I’m in tune. That’s the truest way I can describe me.

”Feeling Missing" seems like a very personal song. What or who was the inspiration for this?

- Yeah, “Feeling Missing” was kind of personal to me but I can’t say who it was about. It wasn’t exactly the situation I was in but the second verse is lol. That’s all I’ll say about that.

What is the lyric writing process for you? Does it take days or even weeks to perfect the lyrics to your music, or does it just flow out of you?

- For me I wait until the beat connects with me and then it just flows. I have never experienced writer’s block because as long as I hear music above my head I know I’m supposed to write. If it ceases, I move on to another song.

How long have you been making music? What made you finally start showing the world your music in 2018?

- Well I have been singing all of my life but the process of getting in the studio came from Water.Like.Soul. He was looking for a singer to help him with some music he was working on in 2013 and so I helped him out. It took me a while to start working on my own music though because I never saw myself as an artist. What made me start to show my music to the world was accepting my purpose in this music sector. A prophecy was spoken to me and I had to move on it.

2018 was clearly a big year for you, being that on Apple Music you’ve released 2 EP’s and a single. What was your favorite part of this process? Do you have any regrets or do you wish you did anything differently?

- Yessir. My favorite part of the process was learning about mixing and mastering and the different ways the music can be manipulated. I do feel like I rushed the Intermission tape but I don’t regret it because I believe it still did what it needed to do. Now that an expectation is set I can’t wait to top it.

Do you have any advice for young musicians or song writers that you can give?

- Absolutely. The advice I would give is know who you are and what you represent and never waiver. Stay focused on what the purpose is and you will accomplish it. A determined man is the best man to be, because that man won’t stop until he can’t go anymore.

What does the phrase ‘I Am Root’ mean to you?

“I Am Root” means a deep connection. Root represents something that is not seen but it has almost unbreakable bonds underneath the surface. What that means to me is that everyone that supports that brand or banner is deeply connected in a real way and the root of family, support, etc. cannot be broken.

What are some traditions that need to be restored in our communities?

- I think cookouts need to be restored! Get somebodies Uncle out there with the leather slides and people will come together lol! Also respect for our Elders and those that have come before us. Sometimes we have to understand that people only understand in the time in which they are present. So don’t be so arrogant to think you have all the answers necessary when there were people here before you that have their own experiences and stories that may help you along the way. Be open to our elders advice.

Interview Conducted by The Rooted Minds Blog Team: Mary Violet and Dom Root


Official Music Video for Feeling Missing by Darius Mylik


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More about Dom Root

Stone on Sax and Dom Root shot by Dave Stanek

I am from Inglewood, California, currently working in Phoenix, Arizona as a Sound Engineer (Live, Recording, and Mixing). I am a Music Producer and Creative Artist looking to build portfolio and for live performance opportunities. I graduated from Arizona State University studying Creative Writing and Philosophy. I later studied audio production technologies at Mesa Community College, before taking on more freelance work.



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