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Skylar Osuna - // Winter 2018 Poetry Contest // 2nd Place Winner


My name is Skylar Marcus Osuna and I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. I am a Bass Clarinet player though I do like to dabble in singing, rap and poetry. I like to cruise on my longboards and exploring the outdoors. If I can find a spot while on a hike or a walk in a natural expanse, I keep it in mind so that I may make a recording of me playing my Bass Clarinet in those spots. You can follow me on Instagram @ralyks_anuso.

P.S. You can almost always catch me at First Friday watching and listening to The Color 8 Band and the jams of Dom Root!


Musical Mentality

By: Skylar M. Osuna

I am contemplating

A confession that has been long in waiting

But it’s truly hard to wonder if my words will be worth the time or only be wasting

Someone else’s time

I am willing to face my self-afflicted crime

As I slowly work on my self with every stated rhyme

And my music is the part of my life that has my sole devotion

In which the conceptual reality is willing to allow me to express my wild and free emotion

But I’m still caged

Every time that I have played

Every time that I have stepped up to be fully engaged

There is that one voice of doubt

That will replay on its abusive loop and bout

That anything I’ve done will never justify my presence on stage and confidence about

All the wrong notes

All the bad vocal changes

And don’t get me started on my terrible lyrical exchanges

Yet beyond all of this I fight

With all my psychological might

To maintain my artistic sight

That every day I play and sing to progress for my future performance and my eventual musical flight

And my rappin’

It can definitely just be my lips and my gums flappin’

But at least my mind isn’t stuck stackin’

All the negative self-depreciation with mental self trashin’

I still have an inner glow

As I work on my constant, fluent, lyrical flow

And when I finally just let my mind go

It feels as if I finally opened up my brain’s do’

With my baby I am gentle

All my love for her is within my immediate mental

The one thing I want to do in a day is play something that will be wholly sentimental

I’m pullin’ her out son

My beautiful Bass Clarinet for my justified fun

And play a few notes on the run

Outside under the warm beaming sun

I let the notes out and trail

Even when I run through a simple scale

One day I’ll play a tune and tell my lifelong tale

With my calm feelings light as a breeze

I get intimate with the touch and feel of her smooth metal keys

Her beautiful black physique carries her rich tones and I can hear her every plea

To blow through her fragile reed

To fulfill hers and mine similar needs

To forever go on planting new musical seeds

As I carry forward her sound through her curvy gleaming bell

She sounds better than just a simple “well”

If music had a true scent it would be my favorite smell

But I hope that everyone I can please

In the attempt to make someone’s day better even if they’re over seas

When I post a video that makes it look like I can play her with subtle ease

Though inside I know

I play it hundreds of times to get the best take then post it on the go

Praying for a better take every time until I finally say, “That’s the one bro!”

Cause it’s hard

To be a musician does not come with an “Easy” card

This life is often formed from the past that has more than left you scarred

It comes with a promise to yourself to make this a desired passion

For we do this for everyone else second with no dissatisfaction

Sometimes as a lonely distraction

We do this for us first and we do it with compassion

For our beautiful release and our desired satisfaction

One day when we have the time, we can perform for you with fashion

Our most beautiful, musical attraction

We love the music and soul that we put into it

We are truly blessed with our beautiful ability to actively go forward and use it

And in the end, we have the desire to pursue it

In the hopes that our legacy may forever be attached to it

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