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P Savant - Proletariat Existence // Winter 2018 Poetry Contest // 1st Place Winner

P Savant

PSavant is a poet and rapper from Ithaca, NY. He released an ep titled A Modern Pharaoh Dreams this past summer. The ep can be found on SoundCloud. He is also working on the follow up album that will be released in 2019. He can be found around Phoenix doing a show or supporting the local scene. Please support the movement. From PS with love.

Quick Facts: Poet, Writer, Rapper, Educator from upstate New York. P. Savant has music available on SoundCloud. You can catch him supporting other artists in Phoenix, Arizona or hitting the stage pushing his message.


Proletariat Existence

I am waking up every morning

Words fill my head,

The warm shower soothes the skin

My mind carries pronunciations, typos, vernaculars and colloquiums,

It never seems to simmer

The drive on the 51 South fills with Apple Music stories

These stories capture the rhythmic poetry

Of the souls,

Souls that are true vessels to expression

The day progresses while I am at work

It is unbearable,

My temples throb of creative agony,

I must jot down these personal statements

While adolescent children disturb my

Majestic peace

They tell me about the pressure in their lives

All I can hear is rhyme schemes and snares,

Legends of boom bap and trap

Whisper in my ear,

To provide

Fuel to a tired dying flame

I speak to the youth with haste

The day is almost at an end,

I continue piecing my thoughts together

I am propel back into reality,

By the ringing school bell

I find solace in the I-10

As I accelerate to get home,

Sip my pinot noir and escape

Into the iPhone Notes,

Placing all devices on airplane mode

Knowing damn well in a few moments

I will be on Instagram

I am anxious to write

My internal muse sparks my mind,

She dances with my hypothalamus and


She smiles into my optics

As I lift my hands

I start to write my narrative.



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