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Social Media, Social Norms

I post a picture

of myself

and immediately I


A minute has passed

and no one has double tapped

to like my picture,

the picture,



Do you not like me,

do you think I’m ugly?

Is this picture not interesting enough

for you?

Another minute has passed

so I


Why hasn’t anyone commented on it yet?

Why does my last post have at least

ten people

saying I’m pretty

while this picture of me

gains no reaction.

I think I should just


I stopped writing

this poem

to check my feed.

Why am I

so hungry

for likes?

What good does

this photo of me do?

My fingers twitch,

my eyes glance

at my phone,

and I can’t help





I freshen the page,

to see how many hearts

are directed my way.

Directed to the

picture I took three weeks ago,

but decided to post


Do these hearts

equate to love?

To friendship?

I don’t even know half the people who like

this picture

of me.

An hour has passed

so I


Is this amount of likes

acceptable for the time frame

that my picture has been up for?


So I


Erase that picture…

God what was I thinking,

I don’t look good in that.

I look ugly.

I’m ugly.

That’s why I’m single,

That’s why nobody has

gone out with me.

That’s why

I’ll never

go out with


Why would anyone like me?

I don’t look like them,

like the girls

who I see everyday,

with thousands of likes.

I go on my phone,

straight to Instagram,

and I



I wrote this poem as I thought about my generation and how they connect with one another. Instagram. Facebook. Twitter. Social Media is a big aspect of our lives, and at times, it influences our thought process and how we not only perceive others and the world around us, but also ourselves. I have never been a confident person, so at times, I easily fall into Social Media's trap. I start critically judging myself. I understand how toxic this is, but yet, I still find myself doing it. This poem reflects my thought process as I post a photo, look at my feed, and in the midst of all that, try to love myself.

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