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Can't go without Cant stop the urges In our world the wordsmiths try to realign our purpose so that we all know what it feels like to chase dreams, incessantly, I get this feeling that we'll approach the day where we carry our names like we carry our cell phones or a time that we carry our truths as we carry our wallets, lost at times, but most things inside can be replaced because what is yours forever can never be taken away. Can't go without lifelong excursions and to the artists moving culture in service to all people on this earth, they make it all worth it in the back of the speakeasy or in venues with only standing room they speak our truths they raise the heads of our youth so they always know how to find their niche how to restore their image brick by brick those voices, they reminisce a familiar vibrato a warm kiss, a from the lips of the most prophetic Poets.

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