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Details on our Fall/Winter Poetry Contest

Writing Prompt:

Write a poem that describes something that you do daily, in a way that is descriptive so a reader or listener can feel 'there' with you.


Top 5 Poetry Submissions will have an opportunity to compete for $100 at The Point of View Open-Mic on December 14th at RISE Craft Coffee + Eatery in Phoenix, Arizona.

- If you are out-of-state and unable to be present for the in-person competition you will be awarded a gift bag associated with your ranking and we will pick a runner up to replace you.

Guidelines + Rules:

- There will be no length requirement, so make your poem as short or as long as you'd like.

- Keep the subject matter appropriate for an all ages audience.

- Poems will be judged on Creativity, Imagery, and Impact.

Submission Details:

- Email poems to

- Deadline to submit December 2nd 2018

- You are allowed to submit only one poem.

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