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What about the journey makes it all worth it? Ive spent enough time feeling worthless Only to find out that I get to decide what my worth is. I can move mountains with my words So somedays I'm just a wordsmith And others I'm an alchemist Pure black magic, Influenced by my passions. Ive turned lead into gold By allowing myself to be led to the gold. It's just funny to know now That the gold is home, And home is where your heart is So cheers to the hearts made of gold And the ones en route to change but still stuck in the cold. It's nothing like loving yourself When no one else will, something I learned from The miseducation of Lauryn Hill, Even if I haven't been through what you've been through, I'm sure there is somebody That's been you... Someone that's been bruised By their journey in life And if you pay enough attention You wont have to experience the same long nights. A piece of advice: Live, Love, Laugh, Learn You get what you earn You reap what you sow, And there is no excuse To not know, what you need to know. Keep going!

#poetry #writer #alchemy #domroot #findingpurpose

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