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2nd Place Winner of Summer 18 Poetry Contest 'Gone, Not Forgotten' by Sparky

Gone, not Forgotten:

I am the mother, of your first great grand baby.

But now I'm consumed, by the "what if's" and "maybes",

The loss I feel is like a disease, my brains gotta have scabies,

The thoughts keep- pickin at me.

Ima spark me a blunt, cloud the whole sky,

So no one- can see me cry.

U were just living to fight,

Tryna get by,

U were done fighting to live,

Somebody tell me why,

Life's gotta be a battle, and then we die?

You were our family back bone,

Now that youre gone we can't stand,

Your heart is my home,

And I'll always love you Gram...

Submitted by Sparky

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