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1st Place Summer 18 Poetry Contest Winner 'She and I' by Kayla Green

She cannot articulate the words to express

The pain that she clung on to so dear that was

Accompanied by such an ironic companion, isolation.

The pain was the only concrete truth in her

Abstract, illusive world heavily coated

By sweet, sweet lies.

The pain reminded her that what she felt was a

Stroke of concentrated passion, in such a passive world.

What she would give to show him everything

That doesn't meet the eye;

May that be enough.

The words exchanged carried my mind away

Into a far-off universe, where you and I embraced.

Where we both understood the

Misconceptions that plagued the hearts of

Souls lost in their own massive voids.

Where you could see all of the chaos unravel from

Inside of me.

My secret place where I offered the deepest

Depths of me, and let down a wall never once guarded

Or protected.

A wondrous abyss of truth and reason;

Depths no trespasser had ever ventured.

I was yours.

You were never mine.

But I will never forget what it felt to be in

Such a presence.

The taste of euphoria when you graced me

With your availability.

What a sight to see as the dawn breaks.

A beautifully broken soul that I would sacrifice anything for.

What an ache to endure for such slight moments

Of gratification.

He was not the only delinquent.


What a travesty to see the scattered remains

Of a kind, foolish lover, who sought out

To unrelentingly love fractured things.

What a heavy heart that writhed in

Self-inflicted pain.

Yet her circumstances produced

The same dead harvest,

No matter how much life she sowed

Into the fields whimsically salted by those who claimed her as


Her world didn't deserve to truly cherish her.

Submitted by Kayla Green

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