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Signed, Black Women

The key to connection is melanin.It was written in the etches of his skin.

Sewn into his finger tips his finger prints dance across the music in my soul.

Black man.

Rich like the soil dipping your fingers in my honey until I curl.

Black man all I can say is god damn.

How’d you get so fine?

Not in the rhythm of your speech but in the variations of your mind.

Black man.

How’d you get so wise?

Whether you believe the earth is round pregnant belly, or flat, soda pop, 3 days no lid.

You still are the man among men.

You deserve to be cocky fresh.

Out here slinging dick like the world’s about to end,

Black men.

My black men out here loving wives. Building families and raising them right.

They lead the tribe.

Black men lead your tribe!

But only in your right mind.

When you’re not concentrating on thighs.

When your gaze touches sweet her-eye-zon.

The true connection begins.

The selection blooming from within.

You are the chosen warriors black men.

And we need you.

We love you.


Black women

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