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Day 3 "...with Love"

So it's been a while since my last therapy session post. I'm getting back into the swing of things, so here is Day 3 of the series!!

Today Doc asked me,

"Why do you run from love?"

I don't.

Usually I crawl away from it

bruised, battered, pride and ego nonexistent.

Sanity all but in tact, hanging by my last good nerve.

Love and I have a complicated relationship.

Things are great for a while, you know.

That new love.

Like fresh roses, basking in that healthy glow.

I do most of the right things at the right times,

she's happy so I'm happy.

We not married, but it's practice. Nahmsayin?

Love treats me right,

til I get too comfortable.

Guard let down and I'm raw, vulnerable.


Love will protect me right?

Seee, the telling thing with Love is that she's fickle.

Often left in careless hands,

it dries and withers away...

thorns showing...

and Doc, I've grown weary of Love's constant pricking.

These scars on my hands have yet to heal.

Surely this is a sign to stop trying my hands at this whole experience.

Maybe it just isn't for me.

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