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The Color 8 Band to Headline Soul Good at The Rebel Lounge

We are excited to have The Color 8 Band headline our Soul Good Event!

Energy + Chemistry + Passion, now mix in skill and the love for all kinds of music and you have a pretty dope group. I can hear Ashton on stage now 'Color represents diversity... 8 represents infinity' and soon after crowds chant 'We the Color 8, We The Color 8' -- long story short these guys are pretty damn good at putting on a show and getting the crowd involved, one way or another.

They personify energy transferred in a lot of ways and I am positive that the release of their debut album 'First Friday' has helped to light up people's day. It was highly anticipated, as hundreds of people stop by each month to see The Color 8 at their First Friday spot off 2nd & Roosevelt -- this is a time where the streets of Downtown Phx are filled with good food, music, and local arts. They've been grinding just over 2 years as a band and have achieved really good heights thus far opening for Rae Sremmurd via competing in Battle of the Bands at Arizona State University, Touring with Futuristic, and more.

Catch them tearing the house down on August 12th at The Rebel Lounge for Soul Good.

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