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Real Friends

Real friends

Mistakes can destroy friendships

They can make you regret your selfish decisions and

break the hearts of those you love

It's not meant for people to be hurt, but human

nature is painful

You don't even consider how your actions

can affect others

I have been broken before

My tendencies to hurt others come from the

avoidance of being hurt first

It's not my every mantra to hurt

I want to love

I want to love others and find strength to love myself

I'm not perfect by any facet, but I'm flawed enough to

know my weakness

I'm weak without my friends

It's hard to say when you're built to be strong

But the strongest can become weak to those

that love them

I haven't been able to have strength until our

friendship bloomed

I knew then what real friends can be like and what

sisterhood really means

I'm not afraid to be who I am, but I'm afraid of

who I'm becoming

Karma is going to rear its ugly head at me

My charisma wont get me out the furnace

I'll burn

I'll soon see what pain feels like

I'm not at all prepared for it, I've been trained

to hide my wounds

I'm failing, and I'm afraid

You're the only thing that makes me feel like I can fly

Human beings have a sense of responsibility

for one another

I understand that, I'm growing from that

It's a journey that will be more painful than

I can imagine

I'm trying to heal

I'm trying to love

My selfishness has been vain

I want to be better

I love myself enough to become better

I love you enough to become phenomenal

Hear me, receive me

I'm an evolution

With evolving comes mistakes

Change is very uncomfortable

I'm willing to shed my skin

I'm open

I'm free

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