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Quick Pick Me Up

He never came home,

so you’re starting to believe

that you’ve let too many men

sell you false hopes

about love and loyalty. *

Now, the weight of wasted time

anchors you to the very same sentiments

that break you down at night,

when you’re left alone.*

Your heart won’t let you change,

so that pain won’t go away.

Seems like you’re going in circles,

cause the mind has lost its way.*

You’ve given almost everything

and now you sit in bare



folded over,

hands collapsed at the stress of your neck,

elbows pressed to the tender of your thighs,

as the chin collects pain from your leaking eyes.*

You just wanted a love that’s different


you have never seen.

He just needed to keep his distance,

to keep from committing to a Queen.

Life is backwards, today,

you show a man a bit of his future,

then he might start to retreat, in a way.*

You’ve waited long

for love,

to be good enough,

but without shared value

the lessors surrender their right to choose,

which blinds you to the games played.*

So lift your chin a couple of degrees,

to dry the lingering tears,

it’s not over.

We won’t ever see perfect,

and I’m sure it we’ll never be

but our God, he forgives,

so as you prepare to move forward,

cherish the highs and hard lessons,

and remember that God made you:

somebody’s blessing!

Dom S. Flagg 2016

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