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Often times I want to say, “I love you”.

Often times I want to say, “I love you”. But my heart and my mind get caught up in what’s logical and what’s right. So I get tongue tied and say nothing at all. Hurt too many times, Fed too many lies, Why wouldn’t someone just give me their all? Not wanting to be consistent for the wrong one. A never ending conundrum, Being accustomed of the fear of the fall. Your voice echoes in my mind, About not knowing you enough to love you. Or not doing this long enough to feel, Which gives me doubt in what’s actually real. But makes me question, who are you to tell me what I feel and don’t feel. Or to even define what is real. But at the end of running circles in my brain. I still feel the same. And still want to say,

“I love you”.

-Jenae Elise

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