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The Secret Doctrine

The secret held by everyone who found the truth is this “I alone was able to find out the truth.”

There is no one who teaches the truth, even this paper is merely you reading.

Yes, I may have written the words, but who is the one making the words live, making the words talk?

Like a particle the words are waiting for interaction for meaning, you are the device unto which gives the dead words living noise.

So what is the point of all of this?

To get you to see the path you need to take to the truth, the path all humans who have ever found their garden have found themselves traveling.

I also am writing this to give you a few warnings about such a travel, if you leave your current beliefs there is an unimaginably deep pool of thought waiting to consume you, make sure you have learned the basic lessons of self before you dive.

What I mean is that there are certain things you must overcome otherwise you will become another washed up joke who simply tells stories of fantasy, tells stories of majestic magic that could be had.

The only magic you will ever receive is the magic you already have, the magic you use on a daily basis, what you will gain is the ability to use your magic, to control the words and actions of your own self to gain from the world.

So my warning and blessing is that to find yourself is to die to the whole of the world and to be given a second chance.

What would you do today if yesterday you had died and came back?

Who would you talk too?

Who would you be most happy to see if you were going to die in an hour?

The answer to these questions is both warning and hint.

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