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Our Mantra Number 2 is 'Plant Like a Gardener - Grow Like a Tree' - Promotes self-awareness

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Dom Root and Jade Chuntiviia Brown come all the way through in the ad for the new Mantra T-shirts, be sure to show low and grab you a shirt for only $10 -- Let's keep with the positive affirmations and set an example! - Shot by Julian Queron Owens + Dom Root

Jade is a model from the mid-west, born in Chicago, she eventually made her way west and has worked with a for so many Companies, Small Business, Boutiques, and more. Follow her on instagram at

Dom Root is an Entrepreneur, Writer and Music Artists from Los Angeles California. He started the I Am Root Company in 2011 with hopes of creating a self-sustaining artist community that continues to inspire and connect people. Follow Dom

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