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Jenae Elise on Beauty

Shave her head, would you still find her beautiful? Without makeup, or those nice designer clothes with those red bottoms, would you still allow her in? Flat chest, no ass. All you choose to see is her skin. A society that puts more value in materials, rather than one's spiritual substance. The definition of beauty has been twisted, tied, forever knotted. One can not look in the mirror without seeing flaws. Why is no one satisfied with what God blessed them with? Can't you see how much we have rotted? Creations of God but how many see it that way? Beings of light, essence of love. But a person can still be judged for not having Kardashian's luck. Mocked for being yourself, mocked for who you chose to be. No wonder the only thing anyone wants to do is flee. In a world that teaches us to hate ourselves, compare ourselves. Program us to want to be someone else. I make the decision, to love myself. What you deem as "flaws" and "imperfections", I see as heavenly written directions. I am exactly the way, God has envisioned me to be. So tell me again, who are you, to define beauty that lies within?

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