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I don’t know how to say this, but I’m tired of the rain dance of heartache beating across my drum. Limitations and rules and timelines of what needs to be done in order to justify that Spring, has sprung. Tell me what the sun knows about limitations. What makes you believe there are barriers, time, walls and lines? You are a limitless. fucking. being. An infinite gust of wind. Why must we torture ourselves with the constructs of a society built on the damnation of the very beings that created it? The genocide of the flow. No more, open windows A closed soul, a closed door, there is nothing. There is nothingness and no more than a handful of pies, cooling in the remnants of the summer breeze because everyone’s too stubborn to realize it’s spring. Daisies moistened with dew and the pain never ends. With Saturn looming over one shoulder I realize he is my dearest friend. The end. The end of time and limitations and has it ever crossed your mind That the distance between your chair and your thigh is negative atomic space which means… Nothing. So what separates us from death? Consciousness. But is it consciousness if all you ever get handed is disappointment and backwards love lessons? And rewinds and reboots and system failures until you pull the trigger and shoot. Do you see any way out?

Any way you can scream you can shout but at the end of the day you are limitless. Love is limitless. Pain therefore is too. The distance between say me and you is limitless. Undefined and without reason. Regardless of which season everything is boundless.

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