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What are Groove Sessions with Dom Root Music

Have you checked out Dom Root's youtube channel?

You can find live groove sessions, instrumentals, poetry, music, and more. Dom produces for many local artists in the Phoenix Metro area and provides the soundtrack for Vloggers, Youtubers, and Podcasts across the U.S. You can find more of Dom's music on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, and Youtube (see links below) -- Dom has been into music and writing for almost 15 years and is looking to finally take the leap forward in releasing his first full length album 'Late Night Radio'

Late Night Radio will be packed with instrumentals, poetry, lyricism, and a soulful tone overall. Music produced by Dom Root and features by Ashton Vaughn Charles, Stone on Sax, Stefani Monet, Lee Water, Aaorn Taliaferro, Mahogney Hope Turner, Kristi Sprowl and a handful of others.



Vlogs, Blogs, and Podcasts:


Rolling with The Rolling Stoner -

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