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What do people genuinely look for when finding "the one" in a relationship?

What do people genuinely look for when finding "the one" in a relationship? It's hard to tell because people build their own perceptions of what a soulmate should look like from past experiences or the experiences of others. There's no right answer which makes it more confusing. There's only time. In consistent conversations with friends regarding relationships, one piece of advice that seems to be unanimous is taking time. Time looks so different in every situation. It's important to see what time looks and feels like for the partner you're with. If time is being wasted, then what was the purpose? If time is being valued, then you're on the right track. The original question of what people find in a relationship usually stems from how much time they're willing to invest in finding out. People choose to invest in things that generally will bear good fruit. It's the spoiled apples that lead us into our time being a mere waste. Any relationship, good or bad usually comes with a particular investment. What holds more value? Time spent wisely, or time falling in the cracks? A race can lead you to the finish line, but a journey can lead you to the line unfinished. From my understanding, the journey is worth searching for. It's not always worth finding the finished product, but taking the time and investing in a beautiful disaster...called love.

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