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7 Days of Poetry

7-Day Exercise (A-Word-A-Day)

What's up, I'd like to share my idea for a poetry exercise that you can try with friends, family, or your spouse. For 7 days have someone text you a word of the day, then spend a moment looking up the word and becoming familiar, then each day write a free-verse poem that is near 100 words minimum that includes and/or is themed around the word of the day.

Day 1


Time flies in this in life,

and we'll eventually become

the people we were meant to

and that'll be,

in conjunction with,

what we've worked towards over the years

and at one point in time,

nothing was off the board

or the table,

we just wanted a shot,

and we'd connect every time

if given the cables, or the aux chord.

I lay rhymes over piano chords

to express from the soul

the things that the world

later taught this little boy,

whose now all grown up.

A reflection of his projections,

I’m a visionary who seeks

what he speaks, and work hard to never

have to cash-in on the promises made to me,

I want to earn my own keep,

and never keep too long anything

that doesn’t belong to me.

I'm tomorrow and forever's best friend

so I’m close to what’s coming next

yet I wont tell the whole story,

you can wait to the end...

The Quintessential stand up guy

real easy going,

just like burgers and fries,

or flip flops on beach sand

followed by long road trips

in comfy mini vans,

cruising through the mystery

without a Scooby doo

on how to be apart of history,

not a big net-worth,

so we on a different network

content, just to pass the time,

but Ill always speak my truth

in a room full of lions.

Day 2


the nights I get down to pray,

I surrender to God my desires

and through his word I find

guidance to do things with purpose,

and through it I realize that very thing,

what is for me, and then

what I must overcome in order to be.

I cry and accept my reality sometimes

to love, learn, and contribute to humanity

and the tears wash doubt, bias, or any type of facade that may interfere with the waves

that my truths make, I aim to communicate

at frequencies elevated,

giving to a world that’s synonymous with dangerous, but it's slow and progressive with the changes.

the mornings I pray

I thank God for a fresh start

a reset of sorts and good breakfast

is the best part, during which

I plot our how I’ll manage the day

and at which point I’ll take a break,

but in it nostalgia sets, of the place

where I last slept, I enjoy rest,

but see more in ascribing actions

to the things I profess, because

ten years from today, in the mirror

I want to recognize the man

I’ve grown to be, but that truth could only live

of i keep my God and Faith in front of me.

Day 3


The classical acoustic guitar

and its nylon strings

so sweet, filling this busy coffee shop

brings up memories

of Open Mics, in my earlier

days of poetry.

We'd convene in spaces

considerate of our quest

and filled with the greatest chefs,

the food was a blessing

nonetheless, we'd eat fries

and 'succulent' chicken breasts,

just before spouting our most premature pieces,

our deepest secrets

and in a fashion

where strangers can see them

tangible in spirit, an emotion

a feeling.

A transformation of divine request

for I had not known what was bestowed next.

life loved through words

lived through feelings,

an adventure of what id be willing to endure

to advance my being.

Those guitar strings

twang and bend

and through his musicianship

he sought to make amends

his pain was mine

and ours lived

with those who can connect

and with those who care to give

a bit of art that depicts

how they have lived,

and their journeys

eluding the problems of the world.

Day 4


On a Saturday somewhere in 2014,

I visited the Herd Museum in Phoenix

and as I moved through the various installations, I ran across one that stuck out and it appeared that it was composed with

a great deal of patience

and there was beauty in this artistic language

displaying both the victories and triumphs

of a foreign nation

and as I looked closer, I swear there

were smiling faces and dancing,

I could see their town hall,

where the politicians commanded


Everything appeared to be mundane,

but beyond the scope of the naked eye,

nothing was the same.

Every time id look away only to return

to fixate on the painting, things would change

life for them would never be the same

with each new glance, colors change,

people change, chaos ensues,

I look into my cup to find the cause

of these slurred rhymes.

Day 5


Can't go without

Cant stop the urges

In our world the wordsmiths

try to realign our purpose

so that we all know

what it feels like to

chase dreams, incessantly,

I get this feeling

that we'll approach the day

where we carry our names

like we carry our cell phones

or a time that we carry our truths

as we carry our wallets,

lost at times, but most

things inside can be replaced

because what is yours forever

can never be taken away.

Can't go without

lifelong excursions

and to the artists

moving culture

in service

to all people

on this earth,

they make it all worth it

in the back of the speakeasy

or in venues with only standing room

they speak our truths

they raise the heads of our youth

so they always know how to find their niche

how to restore their image

brick by brick

those voices, they reminisce

a familiar vibrato

a warm kiss,

a from the lips

of the most prophetic Poets.

Day 6


I can write you a poem

that sounds better than forever

with a mellifluous vibe akin

to a good wine and candle lights

on the Terrace.

We find solace, accompanied by love

and the glow of the moon light,

the stars dance and float

in the cosmic skies, balanced

by what the darkness provides.

I hold my guitar tight,

cause i can write you a poem

that sounds better than forever,

we can right every wrong

block every storm together.

Let my words not be only poetry,

but in tune with your hearts desire,

a 4 part harmony, your heart and mine,

this guitar, and these words all binding

to a crescendo, love rising, us floating.

i can write you a poem...

it could be about forever

but I’ve spent enough time devoted

to a world that may soon expire

in order to reach alignment.

What's better than forever in a life

with the one you love,

is a world with no time in it,

and at times the hurricanes

present no exit route,

in the darkest of places

you'll find a silver lining.

Day 7


As I wait to board this flight

All is mundane of the world

we rest unrested

and nod through precursors

of stories we’ve heard a million times

while disconnected from the world

most float through,

and trace the time til lunch at noon

clock out, reset, resume...

From cubicle seats, some of us can see, the life we want to lead

we share a bit in common to desire a life lived in luxury, personally of course,

as there is even beauty amid a scantily furnished

studio apartment in the heart of Downtown,

Los Angeles, where most everyone

in walking distance endures the same.

The tall buildings reflect the sun

enough to create the illusion

that skid row, is a beach

off the coast of Cuba

and that people are actually

going to speak

when we cross paths on the street,

but I face my reality

grab my book bag and headphones

for the journey that the recurrent 24hrs presents.

Though reluctant, at times, I love to connect

and enjoy discovering differences,

and hearing proud stories of kinships

but it is to miss the point to undermine

what I expect for me

as my desires serve my purpose to breathe

and anything additional that i see fit to accompany.

This world often lends us

to forget that forgiveness

is a form of progression,

when we rescind on our

weaker parts,

we find things like courage.

So I know my dreams will suffice

to cover the span of my living legacy

and the one ill leave behind

I am love

I am second chances

I am enough

and as I move through with faith

maneuvering through the bluffs

ill respond in service

as my record reflects,

be it on the 33rd floor of a building with my name on it or in the struggle of this studio apartment;

We all get one go at this,

so I aspire to make it

a fulfilling experience,

aware of limits

but in fear of no limitations

I want rest for the restless

its been generations just waiting,

fancy me always being a hopeful one

in us all there is room for sedition

as there is room for the noble.

There are times I want to cry

I see the true beauty in this life,

a beauty no one can quantify,

and I’ve just been here waiting

to fly with the time.

#poetry #practice

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