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People be Like

Men be like, “I don’t need a woman.”

Women be like, “I don’t need a man.”

At what point in life do we realize that we need each other? There exists a oneness that is inescapable. We all share this space on Mother Earth. We share similar structures and emotions. We have the same bodies: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. We are all expressions of one God.

Simply put, we coexist in a balance of characteristics. Duality MUST exist on earth. Life cannot exist without death. Men cannot exist without women, and vice versa.

My strong brothers, we need you. We need your drive and your logic. We need your protection and your perseverance. My beautiful sisters, we need you. We need your nurturing, your creativity, and your emotions. We need your intuition and your tenderness.

Balance within self and balance with each other creates more life and happiness in these times of death and despair. The societal goal, is to shift what people be like.


– Zera

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