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Comfort Zone


Monday 11:35am

Focus on the areas of life that we can push on in order to move forward (individually and as a culture). One area that I'd like to point out starts with the inner battles and obstacles that we place for ourselves. There are times for me, where I develop reluctancies about going on stage or putting out a project, because I am worried about being judged (then I tell myself I don't care what people think), OR having to follow up the project with something better, OR not being ready to perform, OR anything else I could come up with to partially convince myself to not go through with it. I feel like it is fairly normal to have reluctancies and doubts about success in certain situations, but the idea is to eventually not allow it to hold you back. We have to be able to find a ZONE to get into where we can shut out those thoughts and go for it all %100. Sure, some people don't need to zone out they, just do it and feel good about it no matter what. Some of us are perfectionists, so we find our selves overthinking and under-sleeping, worried about if it's 'Dope Enough' or if 'The People Will Understand It'.

We have to get out of our own way!

We have to stop pretending like the microscope is on our every little action!

In order to get better we need Repetitions (Reps) and experience!

We Need to Fall!

We Need to Fail!

We Need to Learn!

We Need to get Back up!

Sometimes we are unable to realize what we are capable of until we step outside of our comfort zones. That comfort zone can be setup by ourselves or even the communities that we are currently living in.

Try something new!

Try fearlessness!

Fuck it!

Just go for it already!

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