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Just Jae - Second Place Winner of the Spring 2018 Poetry Contest

Help us congratulate our 2nd Place Winner for the Rooted Minds Blog Spring 2018 Poetry Contest.

Topic: Fresh Starts and Second Chances.

A message from Jae:

Thank you again for the access... this opportunity allowed me to create something new, and fresh. The affirmation around it provides me inspiration and strength.

About Me:

Just Jae is a native of Cincinnati (OH) but is a Child of the World. This seasoned sistah celebrates the power of well-placed words. As a published poet, she believes storysharing will save the world and supplies poetic testimony as her personal contribution. You can find her supporting open mics across the country and on

Social Media:

Instagram: @itis_just_jae -


Read Jae's poem below, she scored 58/75.

Fresh starts and Second chances

Fear led me here. A place to explore, not to be ignored, possibly endured but rest assured, there is a purpose.

Tired of a world on repeat, there has got to be something different for me.

Fresh as morning dew, or that time I was SO into you... I'm in search of something new. Possibly a mistake but I am willing to take the risk because the alternative is the kiss of death.

Stuck in the mundane, this decision weighs heavily on my brain but I can do it because I have been through it before.

A lifetime of blessings, paired nicely with lessons has prepared my pallette to weather this storm of doubt. Cloudy days may come, but what will become is far greater than what was or is.

New places replace familiar faces. A million take-two's are now ahead of you... Opportunity knocks but is anyone home? Take the vacation and side step acclimation for you will find salvation in every mistake you make...because it will lead you to Freedom (and I'm sure you would like to meet um). Tall, dark, and handsome, don't label him random, for he is here to collect the ransom, then set you free.

And just like the proverbial flow, he will ultimately let you go, wherever you would like; so take flight. And with one last kiss, forgive yourself; take the risk. Close your eyes and make a wish. And then, step into your destiny.

Jae will receive a small gift basket and gift items from our sponsors.

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