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About: Makayla Nunn - Winner of the Spring 2018 Poetry Contest

Hey Root Family, meet the 1st Place Winner of our Spring 2018 Poetry Contest!

Topic: Fresh Starts and Second Chances.

About me : I've only been in Arizona for a year, originally from California! I'm 21 years old. In my free time I write or paint. I'm currently working on my very first look book! It will be hand painted thrifted items!


Read Makayla's 1st Place Poem Scoring 61/75

How can I succeed in a community filled with poverty ? With these thoughts and voices in my head attacking me ?

I take a hit, just one so I could see the sun.

Sometimes I hope for this life to be done, in matter of fact



The gun.

But wait

can I still go to heaven if I kill myself ?

thinking of those that I hold dear

Who would only feel despair if I were to end it here.

can I still go to heaven if I kill myself?

What will they think ? Will they say that I was weak? thinking of everything I fear,

I know my time can not end here .

These thoughts and voices in my head attacking me are just distracting me from becoming who I was meant to be.

A queen with good energy who wears her scars as if they were an accessory

I hope if you step to me , you will see that this is my second chance and it will not be the death of me.

- Makayla Nunn

Makayla will receive a Free I Am Root Tshirt and gift bag for her hard work and support of the Rooted Minds Blog.

Stay tuned for the Summer Poetry Contest, submissions will open in late June.

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