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Repentance Prayer

I have committed acts

of hurting those, who hurt others, who hurt no one.

I've learned the lessons of a black sheep,

one who’s been excommunicated,

some of these acts are punishable:

Be it death or a life of confinement.

In my stride to regain focus

and see the light from beneath my sins,

I've learned the lessons of a faithful servant,

one who’s been a scholar and follower of the trinity since her youth.

I am only a caterpillar,

I ask you to take my life, wrap me, rebuild me.

Take back my flaws and rid me of them for ever,

Free me from the remorse, free me of my sin,

of all grief and hatred,

Restore me.

I can see- not more clearly, but more rationally;

I feel much wiser now, as a handsome butterfly, thank you.

My actions affected the actions of others, whose actions did the same.

I ask for yet another chance to walk in the image that you've made me in,

I know now, not only the lessons from my past,

but enough more for me to fill the land.

I am free of hate and free of blame,

for now Sir, my life is in your hands,

I am your clay.

D.S. Flagg

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