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To love is to die and to die is to transform. To transform is to sacrifice and to sacrifice is to blossom in the unknown.

A sunflower in the storm.

To love is to grow despite challenge.

I love my people. I die for them. Murder any conditioning that tells me to fear the melanin. I grin when I see my brothers and rejoice in the presence of my sisters.

I raise my arms only to embrace them.

I transform for my people.

I expand deeper into my roots and I find divinity. The soul that my ancestors breathed into me is uplifting.

How can my heart be anything other than the missing link?

They rage to supress our freedom to think.

Chaotic symbols of war disguised as political conversation thunder the crowd to applause.

Yet I live on.

I see in prosperity. Jay Morrison.

I eat for longevity. Dr. Sebi.

I bathe in sincerity. Me.

And in growing, I strengthen those around me.

Silence the noise of those who blindly follow the rage.

Walk on.

Live in the essence of all it means to be beautiful and proud in your skin.

From the creamiest ivory to the bluest black. Accept and radiate the love within.

Walk on.

For you, are beautiful. Live and die for the love of you. Despite the challenge.

We blossom.

A sunflower in the storm.

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