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What is a seed?

I’m constantly trying to figure out the best way to bring down the messages from esoteric and occult teachings, and having joined I Am Root Co. I have been contemplating the symbolism of the seed and its importance to the 21st century.

You’ve probably heard of the mustard seed, small, grows big, so forth.

Jack trading his cow.

In each of these stories, and any seed you will see in symbolic settings represents the process of growth, the journey itself, the entire process and its rewards, and the cyclical nature of it all.

Jack learned how to take care of his family, that had to be earned, after his journey he has within him the ability to slay giants, which is a metaphor for the ability to face and overcome all of the problems he has to live the life he can live.

Faith in Jesus is the same, a journey, and at the end you have had growth that is exactly the same as the mustard seed, a little bit of growth each day leads to the foundations of a mighty plant.

From the smallest of things we can find the mightiest of objects, trees, plants, life.

What seemed dead inanimate, once placed on the right ground grows into one of the foundations for an entire ecosystem.

If the future is coming and today you started working what could you create?

Why don’t you create it, what prevents you from working?

Given the symbolism you either haven’t been planted, lie on infertile ground, or dead.

Unpacking that, having not been planted is obvious, you are waiting for something to help you grow.

Being on infertile ground the same, you are in an environment that prevents you from flourishing.

Again obviousness the same in regards to death, luckily for you in symbolism there is always rebirth.

As I said I am constantly trying to generate connections from the works that have been created behind closed doors and hidden behind strange language to the way we talk now, I do that because I feel that the 21st century is a place where if these ideas were planted we could see an amazing future.

What type of work are you willing to do?

How hard are you willing to work?

Are you afraid of the future?

These questions are what the symbolism of the seed is based upon, what type of growth are you experiencing, are you waiting, are you barely growing, are you dead?

I leave you with a quote from german artist Kathe Kollwitz: “I do not want to die… until I have faithfully made the most of my talent and cultivated the seed that was placed in me until the last small twig has grown.”

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