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Pray for America…Pray for the world…Pray for all Humankind

There have been plenty of hashtags and messages circulating on social media regarding the disaster that is affecting Houston tremendously. It is always devastating when I hear news of the tragedies that strike our nation. Most days it’s even hard to turn on the news. Usually, people create hashtags and tell stories about their personal accounts of the destructions of our country and even our world. While it is important to stay abreast of current news and speak passion toward the issues, we should be consistently praying for this nation and the entire world. It’s not enough to #hashtag your thoughts. We have to be conscious. We have to give back and use our talents to help others. We have to gather together and strengthen our communities. I am always praying for my family, friends, and for blessings to flow down. More importantly, I’m praying for America, for the world, and for humankind. I’m asking for protection, wisdom, and discernment for our leaders. I’m asking for love flowing within one another. This is my everyday prayer. Whatever your everyday prayer is, or however you celebrate your spirituality, be sure to cover our nation and the world beyond us.

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