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Creating Dreamality

Personally, I’ve always tried to navigate through living in a dream world and actually facing the realities of life. For those who are like me, this struggle is consistent from day to day, through career building, romantic relationships, college classes, house hunting, and everything in between. It’s the balance between true “adulting” and the luxuries of seeing your vision board come to life and making dreams come true. Can it really be 50/50? Are there certain aspects of life that truly omit all elements of dreaming? To solve this would be pure genius, but I believe that people create their own “dreamality”. Forming one’s dreams into their everyday reality is different for everyone. For me, I create my dreams and pursue them in small steps so that they are still obtainable without appearing too abstract. It’s interesting to talk to people about how to make their dreams come true in a realistic and feasible way. Funny enough, when I asked my mom this she told me that her dream was to have a family that was blessed and successful. I’m pursuit of this dream she ensured that we all were financially secure and we all had a passion that we followed. Executing your dreamality can be as simple as crossing off things from a task list or even more extreme like jumping out of a plane for the first time. For others it can be finding love or buying a first house. The purpose of this journey is to find what works for you, enjoy every moment of the process, and always live life to the fullest.

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