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Duality is such an intriguing concept. How can someone live in two different worlds and constantly struggle to find the balance of which world makes more sense? Even that didn’t make sense. What does is that duality is the certainty of the uncertain. It’s about living with two forces, both good and evil, that make us human. These forces influence our everyday walk, talk, feelings, and beliefs. It can either shape us or break us. It’s up to the individual to decide which force will be personified.

Are you in the same form as you once were?

Something’s different about you?

Where have you been my love?

Lost in two worlds, swimming in pools of misjudgment and euphoria

Good and evil forces are among you

Will you break? Will you escape?

Will you cope? Have you lost hope?

No child, you’re strong,

You conquer all forces

Those that haunt you, those that feed you

Those that misguide you, those that keep you

You have been precious since the ages of time

Rare rubies are bred from broken stones

You have become graceful and aged like wine

Blessings to you my child,

You have embraced duality as a binary force

You have become one with good and evil

It is yours

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