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Ronnie Dijon - Artist Spotlight

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

This month’s Artist spotlight is another dope artist and a great friend of mine Ronnie Dijon.

He dropped a new album called “My love, Her roses”, which you can find on Spotify, iTunes, and Sound Cloud.

Some advice he wants to give to aspiring artist, “Always stay true to yourself, never shy away from how you feel or the feeling of embarrassment for staying true to who you are. Do things different, challenge yourself and always having that hunger to create.”

Listen to the album here, and share your thoughts on the comments below!

Enjoy the interview and I hope it inspires you to create boldly and unapologetically.

You can follow me on IG, Twitter and YouTube: @nniiamey

You can follow Ronnie Dijon on IG , Twitter and YouTube: @ronniedijon

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