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Love in a Fascist State

Fascism happens first lying, then by blaming the problems of the system on a group of people, and finally using any tactic to achieve regardless of its morality, and in 21st century America nothing has been more marred by facism than love.

Everyone blames the other party, men women, women men, men men, women women, ect.

Each of them telling lies to protect themselves in the now hostile environment, were even people who are closest to you are not to be trusted, their lies like yours are all encompassing, what is real any more?

This is the heart of all relationship issues here in the united states, the refusal to tell the truth and the lack of a culture capable of handling the truth has all of us heartbroken watching the people we love live other lives, living ours half in, plotting something.

The disconnect we are seeing across the board is coming from a singular source, the lie.

We are animals, we have the same underlying subsystems as every other mammal, when we fall in love it’s the same systems it has always been, you two are a mating pair, permanent or temporary, there are consequences for every kiss, touch.

This is what everyone is missing, there really isn’t touching without consequences, and this is not a message to say don’t touch each other, this is the exact opposite.

If we are to advance society and move away from our current epoch of fibbery then touching each other is a must, loving each other is a must, and the only way we can get closer without hurting each other is to use our words correctly.

And using our words correctly is simply to stop embellishing, you are no better off nor do you have something in you a property others do not have, that you can act in a way you would not like others to.

To fix the world is to stop telling and believing those stories.

It is this belief, that the rules you would like others to live by can be broken by you because you are special is exactly what makes a fascist.

Somewhere between wanting to be something and figuring out how to get there we have decided to assume we are already there, and by assuming we already have, we employ patterns of behavior that are beyond what we have achieved.

In this we create a fake personas based upon what we think success would be like and feel like, this is the heart of the fascist state, individuals who live their lives.

As it becomes increasingly hard to reach ever increasingly abstracted versions of success the act grows, it spreads.

And it is the act, the play, the refusal to take ownership for one’s life as is that not only fuels the fascist state, but is destroying love.

It seems that we have forgotten about the grind, the grit, the hard work, the determination it takes to actually be what we imagine.

We have accepted the lie that we are special, beyond the people around us, and we live the lie.

This is our story, and how we continue to act determines the nature of the story.

A tragedy, a tale of sadness, when we needed thinkers and truth tellers, we got entertainers and excuses.

You see if you looked at the problems of the world, and got to work and did what you could do to solve those problems everything you ever wanted will come to you.

You will find yourself in communities of people who care about the things you do, and work hard which is respectable and in that you’ll find what makes humanity truly worth our place in the universe.

When we can talk about what we are actually doing and feel satisfied in telling those stories that the lie is no longer needed.

It is when we have people who have seen us work hard and themselves have worked hard that a compliment truly feels the best.

It is when we focus on each other instead of ourselves that we find ourselves the happiest.

Fascism is real, and our nation is quickly becoming a state willing to lie and use any tactics to achieve any means deemed in our best interest, this is the same thing that is happening in our relationships.

The reason why is because we are the people who make up our nation and how we act it acts.

A nation is only what its people are, which means we are currently corrupt beyond imagination, willing to create confusion for power, lying to achieve personal satisfaction.

This can not continue, and it is obvious as to what can be done about it, however it’s dubious to get people to admit they are not only lying but the same as everyone around them.

There is no greater problem than this, somehow you have to personally realize what you are doing personally to bring make this world horrible and start doing the things you know would make it a more truthful place.

by Travis White

[Photo by Dom S. Flagg]

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